Representation of the People

Representation of the People

The United Lifestylers Association, Inc. (ULA) is developed to represent the Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) Lifestyle community in all its forms.

Representation of Lifestyle Businesses

Representation of Lifestyle Businesses

We organize to represent the diverse voices of ENM community members, including lifestyle businesses.



Polls are essential to accurately represent our constituents. We intend to develop 2 preliminary polls.




Why you should make a donation?

Support is vital from people within the Lifestyle Community. Donations will be one key element as we establish and maintain our thoughtful representation of the EMN Community.

How to make a donation?

We have multiple paths for you to make your donations. The options include direct donations to the ULA at our website. We also encourage giving online to ULA certified Event Organizer’s.

What is our goal?

In representing the Lifestyle Community in all its forms, our goal is to help de-stigmatize the Lifestyle Community to the general public, develop platform items, events, health and safety guidelines and conventions for constituents to engage. Thus, political and legal activism is part of the vision.

Our Polls

Polls are essential to accurately represent our constituents. We intend to develop several types of preliminary polls to inform our leadership team and to assist with info for the benefit of our members. We will conduct several poll types including a Lifestyle Poll to establish essential data about our constituent’s general preferences, needs, beliefs, related to their Lifestyle experiences. We will also conduct a poll focused on venue, resort and club elements. The intent is to learn what people in the LS community prefer when they attend a lifestyle event/venue.


The Founders of the ULA are leaders in multiple Lifestyle businesses within the Lifestyle Community. The team will continue developing to support informed actions led by experienced LS leaders who have successfully developed LS businesses to benefit the community.

“Dr. G” Co-Founder

“Dr. G” is the Co-Founder of the United Lifestylers Association, Inc. and the male half of the husband and wife known as GnG. He is a founding leader of multiple successful groups including GenieWishes Events, Arizona Fantasy Club, and Hotwife Palooza Entertainment.

“Steve” Co-Founder

“Steve” is the Co-Founder, of the United Lifestylers Association, Inc, and is an avid supporter of the Lifestyle Community. He is also the founder of multiple Lifestyle Business’s such as Lifestylers Magazine, LSM-TV, and Hotwife Palooza Entertainment.


The ULA opened in January of 2023. Our mission will focus on coalition building and networking with other team leaders and Lifestyle Community INFLUENCERS. The Board of Directors will be established to maintain the ULA focus of supporting Lifestyle constituents & businesses.

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

  • Thank you for taking the time to stop by, please also take our polls in the poll section. They are esential to our focus moving forward in representing the ENM community.

    Dr. G- Co-Founder

  • We are so excited to finally launch the new United Lifestylers Association website. Please be patient as we continue in adding content and information.

    Steve- Co-Founder










Why should I get involved with the ULA?

Everyone of us can make a difference, big or small, to help move the Lifestyle community forward. The ULA is a collective association created to benefit everyone who invests time in Lifestyle activities. By establishing supports, there will be added strength for leaders of Lifestyle oriented businesses. In the past, many groups have felt vulnerable to regional forces that can actively oppose Lifestyle gatherings. By joining the ULA, and getting involved in pro-active supports and education, we can produce progress, understanding and safety that follows in the footsteps of other successful sex-positive and nudity positive associations.


How can I get involved with the ULA?

You can contribute to the ULA vision in many ways. • Positive communications to help spread the important collaborative messages at the center of the ULA vision. • Service as part of the voluntary ULA Ambassador team at various conventions and events. • Sharing leadership insights as part of the ULA Board of Directors. • Apply to be certified by the ULA. Feature the ULA certification logo on your marketing products. • Donate money towards ULA support.


What does certification mean for members of the ULA?

Certification is a celebration and recognition of all the great work being done by Lifestyle organizations. It can provide education and validation related to best practices within the LS community. The certification process will help to inform LS community members each step of the way: What best practices are most valued by the people of the LS community? How does my organization engage in best practices? What can we celebrate about current practices, as we also strive to constantly grow and improve? The ULA will utilize polls to create data driven recommendations. ULA applicants will become certified as they successfully spotlight and implement the recommendations within their organization.


What is the purpose of the United Lifestylers Association (ULA)?


In addition to all the vital work, will there be any fun aspects of engaging with the ULA?



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