Hello world! from the United Lifestylers Association, Inc.

Welcome to United Lifestylers Association, Inc. We are very excited to bring you this organization we are the People of the Non-Monogamy and Monogamish lifestyle…

The United Lifestylers Association, Inc. (ULA) is developed to represent the Ethical Non-Monogamy (ENM) Lifestyle community in all its forms. We organize to represent the diverse voices of ENM community members, including lifestyle businesses. Much like other community entities, including LGBTQ and Nudist organizations, our organization strives to better represent all Americans. We want to ensure that all the people, including members of the ENM Lifestyle community, receive the comprehensive freedoms guaranteed under the amendments of our United States Constitution.

The ULA focus includes “Political Activism” intended to help de-stigmatize the ENM Lifestyle Community related to the general-public. People within the ENM Lifestyle community have the right to express themselves and organize in a safe environment. The ULA will represent the people in various arena’s, including political, public, and legal spheres.In addition, we will develop Standards, Guidelines & Action Plans for ENM Lifestyle businesses to abide. This will help ensure that our constituents can organize and congregate together in a safe and sex-positive way that will benefit everyone. Aligned to these goals, ULA certification is intended to support groups, venues, resorts who follow the guidelines and incorporate them into their business model.